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Christopher Hitchens was an author and commentator best known for his concise debating style. Many regarded his debating technique so fierce, it was given the term ”Hitchslap”.

He was considered by many (and himself) as a contrarian on many of the issues he engaged in.


On the topic of religion, Hitchens considered himself to be an antitheist. He was very well known for participating in many debates on the topic. Many of these debates are similar in style to the kinds of debates his friends and colleagues Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris participate in.

Hitchens wrote a number of books on the topic of religion, the most famous of which is: God is not Great.


In his early life he considered himself a socialist, however his views became more nuanced in later life.


Christopher Hitchens died in 2011 from oesophageal cancer, likely related to heavy drinking and smoking.

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