Christopher Hitchens

Sam Harris

Similarly to Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris is a philosopher, author and neuroscientist that often debated with Christopher Hitchens on the evils of religion. Hitchens and Harris could also be described as friends. One of the most popular discussions involving both of these men, as well as a number of other philosophers and authors, was focused on the afterlife and if it was something that could be believed. Both Harris and Hitchens stated profusely that they did not believe that an afterlife was possible. Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris were two people whose atheistic views and disagreements with organized religion brought about a social movement that came to be known as New Atheism. The central message of this movement, which is one that both Harris and Hitchens believed in and firmly demonstrated throughout both of their lifetimes, and one that Harris still advocates, is a belief that "religion should not simply be tolerated, but should be countered, criticized, and exposed by rational argument wherever its influence arises."

Upon the death of Hitchens, Harris put forth a lengthy message dedicated to the memory of Hitchens wherein he stated "It is a cliche to say that he was one of a kind and none can fill his shoes--but Hitch was and none can. In his case not even the most effusive tributes ring hollow. There was simply no one like him." Harris first met Hitchens in 2007, which was recounted through this eulogy of sorts. The last debate Harris and Hitchens allied was the aforementioned one, which took place in January of 2011. Harris also wrote about Hitchens that "It was wonderful to see how much Hitch was loved and admired--and to be able to share this with him before the end."